List of members

  • Institutional Members
    1. Drug Action Forum – Karnataka (DAF-K)
    2. Low Cost Standard Therapeutics (LOCOST)
    3. Jan Swasthya Sahoyog (JSS)
    4. Saathi – CEHAT
    5. Lawyers Collective
    6. TEST Foundation
    7. Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG)
    8. SAMA, Resource Group for Women & Health
    9. Jananeethi
    10. Community Health Cell
    11. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
    12. Headstreams
      • AIDAN also has individual members.

      If you would like to become a member, click here.

      One response to “List of members

      1. Multivitamins are included in DPCO 1995, hence products containing multivitamins are cheaper right now. Multlivitamins have also been included in National List of Essential Medicines to safe gaurd the interest of common peaple of country. To evade the provisions of DPCO 1995, many companies has started manufacturing these multivitamin and multimineral preparations in the garb of food licence labelled as food suplement, dietary supplement etc. This practice must be restricted by the concern authorities in all over country. The matter may be brought in the kind notice of Hon’ble Apex Court in Writ Petition (Civil) 423 of 2003.

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