Draft Pharmaceutical Policy, 2017

The Department of Pharmaceuticals has circulated a Draft Pharmaceutical Policy, 2017 which can be accessed here.

The draft policy identifies the following key objectives:

a. Making essential drugs accessible at affordable prices to the common masses;

b. Providing a longer term stable policy environment for the pharmaceutical sector;

c. Making India sufficiently self-reliant in end to end indigenous drug manufacturing;

d. Ensuring world class quality of drugs for domestic consumption & exports;

e. Creating an environment for R&D to produce innovator drugs

It addresses a range of issues including indigenous production of API, quality control and regulatory approval, manufacturing arrangements, foreign direct investment, innovation and R&D and intellectual property. A major portion of the draft is devoted to pricing and makes various recommendations for the re-structuring of the NPPA and changes to the DPCO. 

A conference on the draft pharmaceutical policy is being organised by the Department of Pharmaceuticals on August 30 where various Ministries are expected to present relevant aspects of the policy to stakeholders for feedback. 

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